Fred Salaff

Curriculum Vitae




Tel: 323-328-0681







University of Texas


Austin, Texas



Bachelor of Music Degree





Studies for Master of Music


2-68 to 6-68



Major in performance (cello) and composition





Minor in photography (studies with Russell Lee)










Insitut fur Neue Musk


Darmstadt, Germany



Studies with Earle Brown, Karheinz Stockhausen










2 original compositions performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra










Public Schools of New York State (Rockland County)


9-68 to 6-71



Instructed grades 4-7. Created junior orchestras where none existed before.




Textile consultant

Vera Industries (Division of Manhattan Industries), Ossining, New York




7-71 to 7-72




Area of expertise: graphic arts and textile printing techniques. Sent to Japan for silk screen production problem solving and to major European centers of textile design and printing for coordinating purchases of equipment and licenses for Vera designs.






Cameraman/ Director/ Producer

Founded Dokumenta Productions, Inc.





Produced, directed and photographed over 185 documentary films and videos for multi-national corporations, international government agencies, and television. Produced in many countries around the world. Corporate photography specialist.


New York, NY









Parisign, Inc., New York City subsidiary of Texoprint, Boekelo, Holland


11-79 to 2-82



Supervised printing of Dutch designs in USA. Sent to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, to assist in sales of Dutch product


New York, NY,

Boekelo, Holland





Engaged as consultant to United Nations Development Program (UNDP)  and UNESCO





5-87 to 10-2003



Produced film for UNDP, UNESCO and the Government of Jamaica as part of feasibility study concerning cultural tourism.


Produced audio-visual program for Dutch Unesco Commission for Willemstadt, Curacao Restoration Project.


Produced study for videodisc catalogue project for the National Museum of San Jose de Costa Rica concerning rain forest specimens and museum inventory.


Produced series of photographs in Peru (Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and Chan Chan) for UNDP publications.


Produced videos and photographs in Cuba in association with Sylvio Mutal, Technical Director of UNESCO Office of Cultural Patrimony (Lima, Peru) and the Office of the Historian of Havana, Eusebio Leal. Content concerned topics on the restoration and preservation of Judaism in Cuba, a children’s rehabilitation hospital for the severely handicapped in Havana Vieja, and the documentation for UNESCO’s“World Heritage” Magazine of the efforts
for sustainable cultural tourism in Trinidad.




























Founded FJS International, Inc.
Edited and photographed  “Brazil Brazil” for Paradise Films (Dino De Laurentiis, Co-Produced and edited “Ray Charles, the Man and his Music”


Los Angeles, CA,

8-91 to Present




Production of documentary films and videos for television, corporations and foreign governments, Internet content production, design, and hosting.






            Founded Golden Age Productions
Produced, Directed, Photographed and Edited 2 hour Documentary of  the history of Panamanian music” “Passage to Panama: a Musical Journey”


Panama City, Panama
3-06 - Current



Internet Web Designer and Host
Internet content production, design, and hosting. Domain broker


1996 - Present

Co-founded Selbo Productions, ,LLC
Production and distribution of television programming, including "Great Magic of Las Vegas," Circuses around the World," "Models and Fantasies," "Pin Ups," "Gitanos," "Senor Tango," - large variety of poker shows, and the High Stakes Marrakech poker tournament, October, 2010.

                   Hollywood, Florida, USA
                    March, 2009 - 2012

Founded FJS Group, LLC
Under the banner of FJS International selling both new and used digital cinema gear, FJS Internaitonal is now the number 1 broker in the world.

Hollywood, Florida, USA




 Digital Cinema Society, Phi Psi, Honorary Textile Fraternity. Sponsor of the CML List, sponsor of the America Society of Cinematographers Awards.






Numerous Cine Golden Eagles – Films chosen to represent the USA in foreign film festivals. Numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards from the International Film and TV Festival of New York and the Industrial Film Festival, the Chris Statute (Columbus Film Festival), The Golden Apple Award for Corporate Film